2020 Limited Edition Jessi Flores / OP: CFW T-Shirt

2020 Limited Edition Jessi Flores / OP: CFW T-Shirt

2020 Limited Edition Collaboration between Jessi Flores, Honeysuckle Hill Designs and Cigars for Warriors. Get yours Before they are all gone.


This is a presale item and will be made as they are ordered so there will be a slight delay in shipping times.


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"I am deeply honored to be part of the Cigars For Warriors team in this collaboration and using my talents as an artist to be able to bring smiles and appreciation to the veterans and active duty men and women of our Armed Forces. As a youth I saw my oldest brother go into Navy and followed his Desert Storm tours in Iraq. I was so inspired to follow his footsteps into the armed services, but life turned out differently and I pursued a career in art and design. When my niece Francis mentioned CFW and their mission a few months back, I was like, “I know all those guys!” and wondered how I can help them. Here was an opportunity to give back to all the courageous U.S. servicemen and women that were currently serving overseas in harms way.The idea of creating cool artwork and logos for their organization was born. This lets all the soldiers have fun with cigar themed art. I'm honored to contribute my art and culture to all American soldiers worldwide."

- Jessi Flores


"Our military holds a special place in our hearts and we thought this was one small way we could give back to our brave men and women that do so much for us. If a premium cigar can help our guys and gals on the ground feel like life is normal for just a few minutes..then we owe it to them to get as many in their hands as possible. We hope that this venture between Cigars for Warriors, Jessi Flores, and Honeysuckle Hill Designs will provide many many opportunities for our military personal to have some relaxation while they are serving our country. 

We love you guys." 


- Clark and Brandi Cantrell of Honeysuckle Hill Designs



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